Ostrich & the Egg

Ostrich & the Egg is a family owned South African eatery with a focus on iconic street food and Cape Malay koeksister doughnuts.

The Raw Juice Co

The Raw Juice Co mission is to bring delicious, healthy, and fresh-made juices to our customers! Your health and satisfaction is our business

La Cubana

La Cubana’s menu showcases delicious Cuban Cuisine with authentic Caribbean flavour. They cater for all occasions, events, family dinners, parties & more.

Glowing Fairy Floss

Glowing Fairy Floss is a Melbourne based food stand that creates glowing treats such as fairy floss that stands out.

Angie’s Kitchen

Angie’s Kitchen is a traditional Ghanaian catering service that offers freshly cooked meals (Soups, Stews in litres) to take the stress off you.


COLOMBIANTOJOS started in 2008, when Colombian Born Jorge Arbelaez took over a run-down Latin festivals stalls in Melbourne’s places.

Caribbean Waves

Caribbean Waves showcases the best West Indian cuisine where its cooks who want to make a difference


Jamaica is an island full of history, heritage and people from all corners of the globe.

Tessy’s Kitchen

Tessy’s Kitchen takes pride in offering you the genuine and authentic taste of Nigerian meals.


Annette Black

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