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Terms and Agreements for Performance in AMCF Federation Event


The African Music and Cultural Festival Inc. (AMCF) is the largest African festival in Australia attracting over 40,000 attendees and involving over 35 African Australian communities and organisations in its annual planning and delivery.  It is an inclusive and grassroots event with strong Federal, State and local government and business support.

AMCF is a free and inclusive annual event for all the family. It is open to all Victorians and visitors to experience vibrant music, arts and cultural performances of African heritage.  The festival promotes cross-cultural awareness, fosters intercultural relationships, community contributions, mutual respect, understanding and unity.

AMCF’s unique selling point and formula for success is its strong, committed and highly experienced leadership team, as well as active engagement and involvement of over 35 African Australian communities and organisations in its planning and execution. African Cultural and Music Festival (AMCF) is a non –for-profit annual family event in Victoria, it aims to promote and unify the diverse African culture and heritage.

About this Performance Agreement: 

This performance agreement outlines our expectations of our performers and their accountabilities leading up to, at and after their performance with AMCF at Federation Square, Melbourne.  It also outlines our responsibilities to you.   It aims to promote a collaborative and professional relationship between AMCF and our performers.  This is to be achieved through effective communication and demonstrating commitment to the success of AMCF event.

Responsibilities and accountabilities of performers: 

  1. Showing up at least 45 mins before your scheduled festival performance time
  2. Follow AMCF Social Medial channels and promote your participation in the Festival
  3. Be responsive to all communication leading up to AMCF event
  4. Provide the exact name of your act/performance
  5. Performance must not contain profanity and behaviours considered generally unacceptable in the society
  6. Provide details of your social media handles which our Social Media team can use to promote your performance prior to, during and after the AMCF event
  7. Provide Pictures to represent your performance for a slideshow, which would be displayed on the big screen for the audience and for AMCF social media promotion
  8. Stage Requirement – Please specify number of microphones and/or equipment, type of multimedia required, number of people who will be performing, stage plan and any relevant information for your performance
  9. Provide an invoice for your performance by 1 November of the year of event (note that invoice payment will be made within five working days after your performance at the AMCF event)
  10. Provide a correct bank details on your invoice for processing of payment. AMCF will not be liable where incorrect account is provided
  11. Failure to show up at the required time will result in your performance being cancelled and any performance payment will be forfeited
  12. Maintain professionalism, integrity and be courteous to AMCF representatives and Fed Square representative at all times.

Responsibilities and accountabilities of AMCF: 

  1. Agree a tentative time slot with the performer within one week of initial performance discussions
  2. Confirm the performance slot with the performer within 2 weeks of the event
  3. Work collaboratively with the performer
  4. Make your performance invoice payment within five working days after your performance at the AMCF event.
  5. Promote the performer on the AMCF website and seek opportunities to incorporate performer in the AMCF social media campaign

A performance time slot between 10.00am and 10.00pm will be allocated to each performance.  As the ‘program of the event’ is tentative until two weeks prior to the event, it is subject to change and any revisions to tentative times will be agreed with the performer.

Privacy Confidentiality 

Any and all information relating to AMCF and other participants obtained during the AMCF event that is not in the public domain is held to be confidential (this includes information obtained backstage). Such information is not to be disclosed by any party without approval of the involved parties. This condition is held to apply both during and after the term of the Agreement of Understanding.

Media and Photography 

You agree to AMCF using media and photographs recorded of your performance at AMCF event for promotion of AMCF event and future AMCF events.  This includes but not limited to reports, promotions of our social media platforms and funding applications. 

Exclusion of Liability 

  1. You voluntarily assume all risks and dangers incidental to the Festival and waive all claims against the AMCF, event sponsor or owner of the facility for any injury or loss you sustain.
  2. You agree to indemnify AMCF for any claim made against the AMCF arising out of your actions, in connection with the festival, which results in injury or loss to any third parties. 


You acknowledge that you have read and understood the above terms and conditions and accept them.


This Agreement comes into force once you ticked AGREED on FORM and SUBMIT your application.


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