Konjo Mama

Kongo Mama offers a festival of flavours inspired by traditional Ethiopian cuisine…

Tastes of Sengal

Tastes Of Senegal is an ambitious family business bringing reknown Senegalese savorous

Saccha African Sugarcane

Saccha is a vibrant and innovative beverage business providing fresh, nutritious premium

The Yard

We’re an Afro-Caribbean fusion food stall that brings the best of Nigerian, British and Jamaican cuisine.


COLOMBIANTOJOS started in 2008, when Colombian Born Jorge Arbelaez took over a

Hot Churros

Alex Ice Cream

Twista Bros

Unique African Intercontinental


Baz Oz Brazilian BBQ

Zuya African BBQ

Ama’s Kitchen

Vola Foods

Oz Waffle

Afro Pearls Victoria


Rhythm Unites

We sell instruments from all around the world but have a special passion for sharing instruments from Africa

Henna Art by Savita

Henna Art features all-natural, chemical-free henna. With Savita, we offer a variety of patterns from small contemporary tattoos to intricate traditional designs.

Beyond Blue

At Beyond Blue, we aim to help people in Australia achieve their best possible mental health.

SBS Radio

Department of Education

Slater & Gordon

Zahara Designz

Afro Crafts

Bo Children’s Hospital Foundation

Scrunchies N Headwraps

AMES Australia

Savannah Fashions

Chaya Accessories

Magic Toys

Jayru Home Bespoke

Victoria Police

Vic Health

African Australian Welfare Bureau



Annette Black

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